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» Realty Services with INTEGRITY.

» Realty Services with TRUST.

Hitech Property is in the business of real estate to develop and deliver true worth for customers, by offering specialized “Realty Services” in the cities of Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

As a firm Hitech Property offer integrated services through highly experienced, internally motivated expert teams across these three cities – Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore – with a core intention to build value by owning, occupying or investing in “Realty”.    

Hitech Propertys has more than 30 years experience in offering complete “Realty Services”. Being equipped with expertise and expert property consultation capability, people at Hitech Property always provide exceptional, incomparable and committed “Realty Service” and at all times, undoubtedly, exceed the customer’s expectation. 

Promoter Profile

KSLN Murty

Mr. KSLN Murty has been associated with real estate business for almost 3 decades now and has witnessed the ever changing phenomenon of real estate business in the three cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Unquestionably, he is a realtor with a human touch who had his sight set high on exploring the real estate sector and making an impact of his own.

His vast experience made him acquire profound knowledge about the reality of real estate business and has successfully established as a much preferred and much valued Brand in himself, in property consultancy and property management. He has a commendable history of handling many a complex development projects of various magnitudes. For Mr. KSLN Murty, becoming a successful entrepreneur has been a natural transition, which quite expectedly lead to an illustrious career in handling several dynamic projects, predominantly, into real estate and construction.

Corporate Philosophy

Hitech Property motto is to provide quality service with a core intention to build a long lasting relationship with the clientele.

» INTEGRITY and TRUST are Hitech Property driving principles.

Hitech Property believes in "Walking the Talk".

The core belief system of Hitech Property is represented by 3 brand pillars which serve as the key differentiators, and they are:

» Integrity: Integrity is the first and the most vital brand pillar of our core belief system. We understand and believe this is the need of the hour in this business today.

» Professionalism: Professionalism is the second most vital brand pillar of Hitech Property. Our over 3 decades experience makes us exhibit the combination of all the qualities that are connected with trained and skilled people, every time, we attend the clientele apart from being courteous & accommodative.

» Knowledge: Knowledge is the third most vital brand pillar. Our understanding of ‘Realty Market’ is second to none in upcoming markets of Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.


We provide the clientele with high level of knowledge and skill with the capability of explaining the pros and cons of the Realty Market. Our clients call it applicable Expertise. Absolute value for money guaranteed, we deal in realty that ensure 100% ROI every time. Totally connected with the most appropriate and the latest, Location wise, Price wise, ROI wise and all the relevant aspects that are associated with realty. Wider Visibility and Eye Catchy are two of the most important tenets upon which design and development of the properties are done. We always deal in the best properties that have a potential to become landmarks now and in the immediate future. Our one of a kind Realty Development Approach ensures every property that we deal creates its own Identity. With us a client has endless Choice. We help our clients connect the dots and see the “Desired Big Picture”. Our existing Clientele’s complete satisfaction, which is because of our Transparency, Accountability and On-Time Delivery, 30 years of Experience, Loaded Legal and Paperwork Support, Communication and Auxiliary Support, Industry Knowledge, Expert guidance on right property price, End to End Solutions Delivery, and Custom Area Dependant Consultancy.

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